Hello Australia!

If we’re going to be reaching out to readers one handful at a time, they might as well be big handfuls. To wit, today we’re looking at the island continent, listing our recent Australian favorites, both commonplace and unorthodox. Off we go:

1. Favorite electronic music (with cello) that indirectly references or necessitates Excedrin use: “Headache Music #1,” by raven. (listen)

2. Favorite literary snub involving a cyclist whose compounds use exceeded Excedrin: “Manly Library in Sydney, Australia has notified readers informing them all Lance Armstrong nonfiction titles will be moved to the fiction section following the cyclist’s doping confession.” (read)

3. Favorite French chef who lives in Australia and cooks the perfect steak: Who else? (watch)

4. Favorite Guy Pearce film we keep hearing about because it requires Robert Pattison to spend a few weeks without Kristen Stewart: The Rover. (IMDb)

5. Favorite wine: AC-DC’s Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc. (what? think we’re making it up?)

Coming up next, Madagascar. Sample question: Favorite pre-simian?


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