For those readers out there thirsting for more, try some of C.E. Alexander’s reviews of other books. The kind folks over at Fluid Radio agreed to lend him a mike, meaning these titles all have an eye on composing. But for a guy whose debut is titled The music and the spires, it’s all good:

6. Days That I’ll Remember: Spending Time with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, by Jonathan Cott, reviewed February 25. (Fluid link, Amazon link)

5. Richard Wagner: Composer of Operas, by John F. Runciman, reviewed February 24. (Fluid link, Amazon link)

4. How Music Works, by David Byrne, reviewed February 18. (Fluid link, Amazon link)

3. The Mozart Mystery, by John Drummond, reviewed February 12. (Fluid link, Amazon link)

2. Reinventing Bach, by Paul Elie, reviewed February 4. (Fluid link, Amazon link)

1. The First Four Notes, by Matthew Guerrieri, reviewed January 24. (Fluid link, Amazon link)

Coming soon: A Pianist Under the Influence, by Jonathan Biss.

PS: we use only the absurd #amwriting tag ironically. [Collective sigh of relief]


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