Then Elysium

Now The Lotusland?

Recently we announced C.E. Alexander’s next short story (it’s 11,000 words long, by the way, so we might need to drop the part about being short). The first working title was 1992, as it takes place after the fall of the Soviet Union, which factors heavily in the narrative. The proximity to Orwell made him nervous, so he changed the name to Elysium, for the island in classical mythology reserved for blessed or heroic souls in afterlife.

But we realize now that Elysium is also a forthcoming Matt Damon movie. Not making this up. And don’t take forthcoming to mean it’s set for some hypothetical release after we get funding together and make a film. It’s made. The date is set for August 9.

Hopefully The Lotusland isn’t also some federal omnibus bill currently in Senate subcommittee. Although we wouldn’t put it past them.

While we work all of this out, may we suggest you pick up your digital copy of The music and the spires, which is available now, and the name of which will not change?


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