Napoleon’s World

Since yesterday’s post the Zidi offices have been buzzing with alternate histories. (While we were confirming the source of the Civil War proof, we found an alternate timeline named Napoleon’s World via AltHistory Wiki, and it led to a great deal of unplanned reading. There’s got to be a Pinterest meme going around about that being the best kind, but it’s Sunday, and we’ve all got work tomorrow.)

Napoleon’s World: user KingSweden cites the timeline’s divergence from ours as Napoleon’s victory in Russia, which reverberates long after his death. “The Tsar falls in battle at Petrograd, making the battle the symbolic end of the Russian Empire.” From there, “With all of Europe either consolidated into the monstrous French Empire or a rump state (Portugal, Josephite Castille, Denmark, England, Scotland, Ireland, Papal States, Ostpreussen) the colonial scramble for Africa and Asia never occurred.” Europe never got around to its two world wars, although a civil war took place throughout the 30s and 40s. Russian exiles established a kingdom in Alaska and a border dispute with the United States resulted in years of hostilities. (In this timeline, many known politicians are entertainers and vice-versa, so it is fitting then that the Russian exile was led by “the powerful Tolstoy family.”)

There is even a daily news feed, last updated January 20: “Brian Williams is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States.” On February 24, 2012 the nation of Siam witnessed a military coup against Communist Party officials. On April 14, 2011, England’s incumbent prime minister Hugh Grant and Labour Party leader Jack Davenport debated prior to the May general election.

In Napoleon’s World the names are mostly the same, although oftentimes personalities play themselves on TV. Here Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a stand-up comedian. Humphrey Bogart is a gangster while Alphonse Capone and Leon Trotsky are screen actors. Harrison Ford is a college football coach and Mark Hamill is the current U.S. vice president (no word yet on Carrie Fisher). “Geoffrey Rush is the current Prime Minister of Oceania” and H.P. Lovecraft founded a pagan cult.

This alternate world timeline is not just a snug addition to our alternate book cover reveals (read C.E. Alexander’s Vibrant for a taste of his own parallel timelines). It is terrific reading throughout, and we wish Henry the best of luck on his forthcoming book.

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