The zidi retweet

There haven’t been many slow news days for a while. For those who long for one (read: all of us), Zidi has gone back through the retweets for a look at the other news:

1. Ted Gioia lists five lessons the music business could learn from television.

2. The New Yorker asked: What Happened to Original Movies Aimed at Adults?

3. The Buick LaCrosse and music piracy.

4. The not-quite-as-mystical origins of Kubla Khan.

5. Cryonic preservation vs. cryogenic preservation.

6. “The crop calories we currently feed to animals are sufficient to meet the calorie needs of 4 billion people.”

7. The spark that caused the Dallas restaurant industry’s Catcher in the Rye moment: “I couldn’t pass up the $14 bacon tasting: five strips, one (Benton’s, my favorite bacon) severely overfried; altogether, it was as impressive as those new duds the emperor bought.”

8. “I would love to see more poems about science. About ghosts. In the voices of obscure, long-dead historical figures.”


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