CEA_MWSZD-003: My Wounded Specular
A short story by C.E. Alexander
Price: $0.99
Literary, Short Story
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“She has kept that stride and scar since I have known her. You hear of old men who know it will rain by the way forgotten injuries flare up again. Yet the sky is clear, so blue you can almost see through the watch face, right down to the teeth and cogs. But now I am speaking like she does.”

Born in the stark beauty of rural Sweden is My Wounded Specular, the story of three friendships adrift in tragedy, violence and social upheaval, as well as the decades-long crush of routine. Nils is young and content, and apparent amnesiac. Joel–ageless and brusque—has watched over Nils since either one can recall. Viola has memory problems of her own, but sees forthcoming events with startling detail. As Nils learns to accept how fully he is bound to Viola’s predictions, he faces a much more fundamental truth about his country, and about himself.

Alexander’s most recent publication was Book of Constants (July 2013), which readers declared to be “gripping” and “evolved,” even “short story magic.” From its opening paradox—“She looks younger today, even if her limp is worse”—My Wounded Specular promises the same elaborate, concussive ride and shattering conclusion.

C.E. Alexander lives outside of Plano, Texas with his wife and two children. He works as a sales manager for a metal fabricator in Dallas, and tweets about everything other than his books @CAlexanderRun.

Book doctor, proofreading and formatting: Cassie Smith, Polished Professional Editing
Cover design: The Made Shop, Denver, Colorado

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