We must have still been paying for that Sausage McBagel. We didn’t hear the phone ring.

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UPDATED…C.E. Alexander wants in on this. Ours is much better:

Mrs Alexander calling



The attentive reader will see that Book of Constants has shot past its June 16 publication date. Unfortunately, we can’t say we’re ten days behind and counting because we’ve been up to our ears in work. Quite the contrary, we were just sort of sitting around waiting on lunch.

That said, here is a brief description of each of C.E. Alexander’s forthcoming works, alongside their estimated publication dates. The stories will be available via Kindle for $0.99 and–as always–review outlets can feel free to contact us for promotional copies:

Book of Constants: a middle-aged widower and his son relocate to a small development in rural Wyoming. Within weeks of moving he is urged to lead a murder investigation, his first act as law enforcement. (July 20)

My Wounded Specular: a young man–suffering from apparent and severe amnesia–places himself in the care of a much older woman. She seems also to struggle with her memory, although she can cite future events with precise detail. (August 20)

The Shallow Cittern: our first horror story. In post-National Assembly Cuba, a new, mysterious, possibly artificial language has complicated the transition efforts. (September 20)

Zidi blog regulars need no introduction to Bar Juchne, which details an affair between a grief-stricken daughter and the surgeon who tended to her dying mother. The daughter has rather unique ideas about home security. (October 20)

For those looking for something now, might we suggest C.E. Alexander’s fiction debut, The Music and the Spires?



When the day job beckons and you can’t fit in your blogging, let it all pile up and then–when the stack finally tips over–call it a newsletter. That being said, file this one under “May.”

First, C.E. Alexander’s The Music and The Spires is available for $0.99, wherever fine ebooks are sold. Purchasing links include AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo BooksCopia and eSentral.  That’s 0.0083 bitcoins per spire.  (Notre Dame only has one spire, by the way.  Read the book if you don’t know what Notre Dame has to do with anything.)

Next, and speaking of Zidi publications that don’t cross the one-dollar threshold, C.E. Alexander’s Kindle-only Book of Constants is still on for its June 16 release. Take a look at the cover here, and read some background here.

As for The Music and The Spires book trailer? It’s a bit late in the game to keep talking about a May 1 release. But it will be soon. We’re talking hours, now, not days. The trailer features a remarkable new composition by William Ryan Fritch and some found footage by various, turn-of-century video tinkerers. While you wait can we offer a mango-peach smoothie or some Dallas re-runs?

Finally, C.E. Alexander just completed his interview of Lucille Redmond over at Fluid Radio. In March 2012, Redmond published Love (stories of love, Ireland, sex, sea, snow and money). It is excellent reading throughout.

And what’s with the two guys at the top of page? Not telling. Yet.