A short story by C.E. Alexander
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Mystery/Thriller, Literary, Short Story–Single Author
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“The road across the desert is all dust and wind. By this measure it reminds Vnita of her childhood home, where fog flattens the land. Rests on lakes like it does on fields. A terrain barely out of reach, just like Kane’s blowing desert: neither water nor earth, mountain nor valley.”

So begins Disperse, C.E. Alexander’s most frank avowal yet. At an unnamed international bridge in an undated era, a small organization of guards patrols the border, the civilian population, and each other. Vnita, wife of decorated lieutenant Kane, finds the cadre and their military traditions stifling, and longs for home. Yet, as she will find, leaving this place is not as easy a matter as simply walking out through the city gates.

Alexander’s recent publications include My Wounded Specular and Book of Constants, both acclaimed for their kinetic pulses and shattering conclusions. Disperse offers the scale and upheaval of the former, as well as the tense, touching connections of the latter—and stands among his finest works.

C.E. Alexander lives outside of Plano, Texas with his wife and two children. He works as a sales manager for a metal fabricator in Dallas, and retweets neurochemistry links @CAlexanderRun.

Book doctor, proofreading and formatting: Cassie Smith, Polished Professional Editing
Cover design: The Made Shop, Denver, Colorado

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